Limited Share Purchase:

Advanced Metals Technology Group (AMTG) is an Australian mining company. The company is looking for large deposits of nickel-copper and platinum group elements such as platinum and palladium in order to supply these metals to be part of the growing reindustrialization of the world that is currently under way around the electric engine and electric battery.

Investment highlights:

  • Minimum investment: AUD 10,000;
  • AMTG’s objective is to focus specifically on exploration of areas of land which have a high probability of containing nickel-copper and PGE’s and other battery metals;
  • The focus will be in Western Australia initially but there is the plan in the future to expand the search outside of Australia;
  • AMTG has identified two specific areas, within Western Australia, of interest for immediate acquisition which have high potential for nickel-copper PGE’s. AMTG are highly confident in the potential of these areas;
  • Very close to Chalice Mining, one of the ASX’s most successful companies in 2020;
  • To fund these early acquisitions, exploration of these areas and the company’s activities AMTG will be offering shares at AUD 0,02 for a very limited time on a strictly confidential basis.


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