Solid Property Loan Note:

British company focused on residential and commercial property sectors, multiple geographies in the UK, private and public sector customers, so diversifying risk for the business, its investors and stakeholders.

Investment highlights:

  • Minimum investment: £5,000;
  • Automatic exit at the end of year 2;
  • Income options:
    1. - 10% paid after 6 months
      - 12% paid after 12 months
  • Multiple layers of security;
  • The landlord to buildings for Lidl, Aldi and McDonald’s;
  • Appointed security trustee to protect investors capital;
  • Registered first legal Charge and a floating debenture on company assets;
  • No operational costs;
  • Simple investment process;
  • 100% payment track record since the first launch of their Loan Note offerings.


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