Unique investment opportunity, Blackpool, UK


Unique investment opportunity, Blackpool, UK

A fully operational hotel in the centre of Blackpool, that will offer accommodation and training facilities for young autistic adults and accommodate family, friends and tourist visiting throughout the year. With an entry level invest of £49,950; the opportunity here is to earn a total ROI of 110% over 10 years, while making a socially responsible and ethical investment. Investors receive immediate, quarterly income with no ongoing costs. Secured exits are offered to sell at any time on the open market or sell back to the developer at year 5, or at year 10 and receive an additional 10% uplift.

Starting from £49,950

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Key Investment Facts

• Sea front hotel in central Blackpool
• 60 rooms for sale £49,950 each
• 10% net yield contractually assured
• Buyback options year 5 at 100% and at 10 at 110%
• Fully operational hotel - income generating day 1
• Operator with track record - their 3rd hotel in the UK and 2nd in Blackpool due to demand
• Offering accommodation, training and employment to young adults with learning disabilities

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