Helium Equity Purchase:

The company is listing on Toronto’s Stock Exchange and is looking for an initial raise of USD 1,000,000 priced at CAD0.20 per share.

The second or parallel raise is USD 5,000,000 divided into USD 1.5M in equity at 0.30/share and USD 3.5M in a three-year debt with a revenue sharing interest to return 100% over three years.

Management already has over ten different drilling well targets. The funding will enable them to drill on three or four wells which could generate anywhere from $20M to $50M annually.

Investment highlights:

  • Minimum investment: CAD25,000;
  • Listing on Toronto’s Stock Exchange;
  • The most prolific Helium structure in the world;
  • Located in Arizona (Holbrook basin);
  • Very limited share offering;
  • Strong potential uplift in share price;
  • Clear exit strategy.


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