UK property bond:

Satchi Property Asset Management, is the buy to let property division of Satchi Holdings Plc. Satchi's primary objective is to purchase suitable units for use within the private leasing sector and then pass them over to local authorities and government organisations via contracted management partners on fully managed long term (10 year) rental contracts with rent paid quarterly in advance to Satchi.

The Property (Corporate) Bond offers investors a Coupon of 8.5% per annum, paid monthly, over a 3-year term.

Key Investment Points:

3 Year Term with Three Investment Options are Available:
     1) 8.5%per annum, paid monthly, (can exit after 1 years – 30 days-notice).
     2) 9.5%per annum, paid annually, (can exit after 2 years – 30 days-notice).
     3) 11% per annum, paid on maturity at the end of 3 - Years.

  • Minimum investment: 10.000 GBP;
  • Investment is Capital-Backed through a Security Trustee, against Satchi's assets of 34.2 Million GBP;
  • Satchi purchases property units and then leases them back to the local authority on a guaranteed 10 year lease;
  • Underlying legal contract between Satchi and the loaning companies;
  • Highly experienced management team within the private sector leasing arena;
  • Investments are independently verified and audited;
  • Six-monthly performance figures published to Bond Holders;
  • Easy to get started, simple application process.


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