The Rothbury Fund:

Rothbury Capital delivers investors access to capital debt markets. This can be via public or private transaction.

The fund launched with the aim of blending the idea sourcing, due diligence, asset management and asset raising skill-sets possessed by the investment advisory team. It combines this extensive investment experience with a creative vision, rigorous approach, robust risk management and comprehensive industry connections, in order to offer investors a differentiated fund with a distinct competitive edge and a unique return profile.

Investment highlights:

  • Minimum investment: £10,000 / $10,000 / €10,000;
  • 10% per annum target return, 7% net yield per annum;
  • Fully diversified in asset class and geography;
  • Sector focus: renewable energy, real estate, securitised lending and disruptive technologies;
  • The management teams have over 40 years experience in multiple investment classes to offer a fully diversified approach.


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