Sports Capital Investment:

LFE Sports Capital 'LFE-SC' is a sports structured finance ('SSF') company that is majority owned by the White Tiger Global Opportunities Fund, a professional open-ended Cayman Islands Investment Fund with over $400m USD Assets under management managed by White Tiger Asset Management, an investment management company registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, but with offices all over the world. LFE-SC originates and designs financial products based on sound structured finance principles and rules in terms of composition.

Investment highlights:

  • Minimum investment: £7,500;
  • Price per share: $1.00;
  • Clear exit strategy;
  • Section 21 approved;
  • LFE-SC is a sports finance boutique using structured finance techniques such as securitization;
  • LFE-SC markets to football and sports clubs who are looking for a cheaper funding source;
  • LFE-SC has a pipeline of Euro 544m deals in place;
  • LFE-SC is projected to grow x2.5 in its first 12-18 month;
  • LFE-SC is offering non-institutional investors the chance to be part of the company and enjoy the kind of investment strategies that only the big hedge funds are privy to;
  • LFE-SC has a team with 15 years track record in sports finance and 17 years in structured finance;
  • LFE-SC's team have completed over 160 successful sports transactions with ZERO defaults;
  • LFE-SC is originating and designing multi-club investment grade products never seen before in the football or wider sports world.


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