Lit-Inn Bayswater Hotel:

Lit-Inn is a life style brand targeting aspiring, environmentally-minded, healthy, entrepreneurial and socially responsible individuals. The brand includes elements of a hotel, co-living, co-working and members club, making the business model more stable and cost-efficient.

The Lit-Inn team have identified a suitable asset for acquisition located in the heart of London Victoria, 5 minute's walk from the station, the second busiest station in the UK, with around 75 million journeys per year and 210,000 passengers a day.

Growth Note :

    • Minimum investment: £20,000;
    • Deferred Payment Loan Note;
    • 18% Compounding Interest;
    • 36 month term;
    • Interest paid out at maturity;
    • ROI 64%;
    • Debenture over Company assets;
    • Section 21 approved.

Income Note

    • Minimum investment: £20,000;
    • Income loan note;
    • 14% Interest return;
    • 18 month term;
    • Interest paid quarterly;
    • ROI 21%;
    • Debenture over Company assets;
    • Section 21 approved.


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