Green Bond

This is a Swedish green-tech company, founded in 2017 with the commitment to develop green and sustainable High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions.

The company vision is to eliminate the environmental burden of HPC technology by introducing "Green ComputingTM & Intelligent Heating" as a new circular model. » To this purpose, the company developed the first generation of EDGE1, ground-breaking 40-ft modular HPC centre which leverage a proprietary technology that efficiently captures the computing derived heat by-product and channels it to supply the district heating grid.

Investment highlights:

  • Minimum investment: £1000;
  • 8.21% paid quarterly;
  • 3 year bond (maturity December 2023);
  • The 3 year bond is secured against all assets in the company and rank ahead of all shares;
  • GBP share class;
  • 30 day liquid;
  • Investment: execution within 48 hours;
  • Seal of Excellence: European Investment Bank.

Green Bond


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