Gold Purchase

Phoenix Precious Metals DMCC (PPM) was formed in 2015 by Yacoub Sidya, a veteran within the precious minerals industry. Part of the PPM/MSS Group headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, PPM DMCC has developed into a leading gold security and gold trading company with subsidiaries now operating in the gold exploration and extraction sectors in Western and Central Africa.

Investment highlights:

Gold purchase

  • Minimum purchase: 25,000 USD/EUR/GBP;
  • The purchase of gold will be delivered in equal amounts over a fixed 24-month period along with the monthly bonus gold;
  • All gold is certified 99.99% 24KT gold and comes with a certificate of purity;
  • For a purchase of $100,000 at an LBMA spot price of $1,500 per ounce (for example) you would receive 66.67 ounces of gold delivered in equal amounts of 2.778 ounces to your personal gold account held in Zurich for a fixed period of 24 months;
  • For every $100,000 purchased you will also receive a discount of 1 ounce of gold per month delivered to your personal gold account over a fixed period of 24 months, (total 24 ounces). Amounts less than $100,000 will receive fractional discounts so, for example $25,000 =0.25 ounce/month.

Gold purchase


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