The Romco Group Bond is an investment that enables bond holders to earn a regular income each month, in an eco-friendly way. Investment raised will be utilized to expand the company's focus to other base metals such as copper, lead, zinc and steel, all the while keeping it renewable materials only.

In a world where 8M tones of waste enter our oceans every year, Romco Group uses new innovative carbon friendly tech to recycle nonferrous metals in a commercially attractive way.

The Company collects renewable waste, recycles and refines these materials into metal ingots. These metal ingots are supplied via long terms contracts with the partners of the company who in turn use them to produce items such as, food and beverage packaging, auto parts, aerospace and their components, batteries, copper pipes, structural components for crucial infrastructure.

Key Facts:

  • £10,000 Entry Level - Then increments of 1,000 GBP;
  • 9.25% pa return - Paid monthly;
  • Asset backed - Asset backed – £3.5m not including the metals themselves which is added security as deemed as an asset on balance sheet and pre hedged into the long term supply contracts;
  • Independent security trustee in place - To protect investor;
  • Year term;
  • Monthly Income;
  • Fixed and floating charge in place;
  • Proven Model – This is not a concept, the company has been generating profits since 2015;
  • Section 21 approved.


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