Canadian Gold Mining Opportunity:

Innovative and forward thinking mining company operating in Canada, one of the safest jurisdictions for mining in the world, and the 5th largest producer of Gold globally.

The company is drilling simultaneously in 9 of its major sites. The mining operations are located, in British Columbia, Canada, an area rich in gold, with over 150 years of mining history.

In today’s uncertain world, the company’s immense physical gold reserves in British Columbia, Canada provide real investor security.

Investment highlights:

  • Minimum investment: £10,000;
  • Convertible loan note - 12% per annum;
  • Term: 18 months;
  • Convertible at 30p per share;
  • IPO Listing London Q1/22 - Target value $200 million;
  • The company’s business plan aims to significantly elevate the asset value of the company, leading to a London LSE listing;
  • In line with the company’s expansion plans and its journey to London listing, the company formally acquired an additional block of 4,500 hectares (45km2);
  • The mining company has a total footprint of over 8,500 hectares (85km2);
  • Highly experienced management team and a seasoned board of directors.


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