Biomass Production Investment:

EcoCrops International is a multinational forestry investment company with plantations all over the world. Their ongoing EcoCrops project, housed in Estonia, delivers double-digit yields in a safe and secure environment and continues to outperform all other alternative investment options. With this particular project, the investors will be the full owners of the land as well as all the semi-mature trees on this land. After a 3-5 year period, the trees are then harvested and the timber is turned into biomass wood pellets to be sold within the EU. Once this process has been completed, EcoCrops International will then sell the land on the owner's behalf and return all proceeds from the sale of the wood pellets and the land (minus a 5% performance fee) to him.

Due to the European legislation that is coming into effect, the European Renewable Energy Directive means that all EU countries must cut their use of fossil fuels by at least 20% by 2020, meaning they will have to use renewable energy such as biomass wood pellets. This has already resulted in a larger demand for biomass energy, which has ultimately pushed up the price and will continue to do so.

Managed forestry plantations are one of the world's most stable and most consistently reliable asset classes.

Project Snapshot:

  • Turn €8,200 into €15,466;
  • 17.19% Average Annualized Returns;
  • All Plantations Fully Insured by IF Insurance;
  • Experienced Management Team;
  • All Trees are already established and growing;
  • Fully Managed 'hands-free' project;
  • Land ownership through 99-year lease built into the agreement;
  • Contractually Guaranteed Minimum Sale Price For Wood Pellets;
  • Established End-User Markets;
  • Underpinned By EU Law Change.

"Markets Go Up & Down, But Trees Keep On Growing!"


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